The Alumni Basketball Game returns.  Players from 1973-2021 are eligible to play.  The game is slated to be played at the Highlands HS gym.  The game is a regular 4 qtr. game with Referees.  The teams will be coached by former Highlands Basketball Players.  This time around, we will have both Men and Women.
Previous games the teams were Co-ed.

As with the football game, teams will be splits evenly by class years, depending on the participants year of graduation.  Team are normally even years, and odd years.  The basketball teams will carry a max of 12-15 players.  If an abundance of players turn out, we may have tryouts or we will have 2 games.  This will be decided at a later time.  As from previous experience, many players are not able to play several minutes.  All players will get playing time. 

Players will pay a fee to cover uniform and practice tee/short. Players will keep these items. All players will provide their own wrap, shoes, etc.

Practice dates will be determined at a later time.  All prospective players should fill out the form, by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

A meeting will be held in the coming months to discuss the upcoming event. All participants should plan to attend.

Please do NOT call or text to inquire about coaching.  Coaches have already been sent invites to coach.

All other questions will be answered at the meeting.